What is Unity?

Below are a sampling of Sunday messages by our former ministers (Rev Maryanne McPherson-Boynton and Rev Phil Boynton). “WHAT IS UNITY?” is presented first as this provides an overview of our history and our basic UNITY principles and teachings.

If you are interested in Unity and Unity of the Seacoast, please listen to this message. We invite you to join us for uplifting services with current music and expansive topics!

Below that video are some more recent videos from the Fall “Adventures in Faith” series [focusing on the book “PowerUP: The Twelve Powers Revisited as Accelerated Abilities” by Paul Hasselbeck & Cher Holton] and a series they did on Consciousness.

“Accelerate Your Abilities” (first in series)

“Accelerate Your Abilities II” (second in series)

“Accelerate Your Abilities III” (third in series)

“Accelerate Your Abilities IV” (fourth in series)

“Accelerate Your Abilities IV” (fifth/final in series)

“Sacred Beliefs” (first in series)

“Perspectives in Consciousness” (second in series)

“When Beliefs Begin to Shift” (third in series)

Language in Consciousness” (fourth in series)

Our Mission Statement

We are a loving, nurturing community. We welcome all paths to God. With open hearts, we inspire people to awaken to their oneness with All.

Other Resources

Unity Online Radio