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Join us Sunday, at 10 AM, for a celebration of life, love, and joy!

Unity of the Seacoast, an Interfaith Spiritual Community in Dover, NH


Our Sunday service is a relaxed, uplifting hour of music, positive messages, prayer and meditation. Opportunities are given for greeting one another in peace (our “Namasté” welcoming practice) and  sharing good news (announcements of upcoming events occasions of joy). Each service is followed by an upbeat time of enjoying fellowship, food, and  personal connections.


During each service our spiritual leader shares a life-affirming message in alignment with the core Unity beliefs. Drawing largely from a metaphysical interpretation of the Bible, our Unity message applies spiritual principles to modern life experiences. As Unity honors all paths to God, our messages frequently reference the sacred texts, teachings, and practices of other world religions, the ancient philosophy of indigenous peoples, and modern scientific theories.

Some of our former ministers’ messages posted on the “What Is Unity” page help explain what UNITY is all about.

Additional messages and songs on our YouTube Channel.


We create safe and sacred space where the Presence of Spirit is honored. While our adult services offer ample time for private contemplation and meditation, laughter and expressions of gratitude are often heard. Dress is usually casual and relaxed. We recognize and respect that each individual is on his/her own path of enlightenment and seek to assist in this journey.

Our physical facility has a charm all its own! We are located in the historic McConnell Center or Locust Street in downtown Dover, NH. For many years, this building served as Dover High School. The sanctuary and offices are located on the third floor in Suite 317. Child care and fellowship are down the hall in Suite 325. The closest access is via parking behind the Dover Public Library and using Door 2 into the building. There is an elevator to the 3rd floor from Door #7 (St. Thomas Street side of building) but it is quite a distance from the elevator to our suites. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes and hope to move closer to handicap amenities as space in the building becomes available. Parking is nearly unlimited and all are welcome!


We have child care for children during service. Near the end of our service, we honor the children and sing “We Are Walking In the Light of God” as they enter the Sanctuary. While all children may remain in the adult service with their parents if they choose, those who spend time in our child care area, share what they have done during their time together.


We have very uplifting and significant music each week, selected by our Music Director Barbara Whitney. We are currently interested in having a drummer join us at our Sunday services. If you would like experience jamming on the fly and performing for an interested audience, this might be the perfect fit. We are gifted to have original compositions on occasion.

Oh the music …

Our Mission Statement

We are a loving, nurturing community. We welcome all paths to God. With open hearts, we inspire people to awaken to their oneness with All.

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Unity Online Radio