At the Table

a shift in perspective by Kristi Borst

I would like to equate your attending UOTS to having the key to a room in which a table has been set for you. I trust that you would not disagree that you are being fed a spiritual meal at UOTS. Look at this from the perspective that this table has been prepared by your Mother/Father/God/I AM/Divine … whatever term means Prime Creator to you.

The bountiful table has been set for you. You know that when you are hungry you can come and eat. I’m sure there are those here who would readily testify that eating at this table has been the nourishment their souls have long sought and has resulted in remarkable turning points for them.

What you may not consciously realize that as you come to dine, or even sit back in expectation to dine, is that you must also give. It takes resources to have that table always there, ready for you when you are hungry.

Now, let’s take the imagery a bit further … How is that table set before you and is your giving in line with the food that you know is there, ready to select and nourish yourself?

We are asked each week that we attend to tithe our TIME, TALENTS and TREASURES.

Please understand that your TIME doesn’t mean solely your time feeding at the table. It includes time required in setting the table, doing the dishes, putting away the leftovers, etc. There is so much behind-the-scenes work that is done at UOTS each and every day. Can you get involved to a greater level than you have to date? If not, can you invite others who might get involved?

As for the TALENTS, what can YOU do to ensure that the table will be ready when you wish to eat? I’m sure you’ve heard the adage “many hands make for light work”. No talents? Have no fears … you can volunteer to be a greeter, help supply the after-service fellowship, do custodial work, etc.

And finally, let’s talk about the giving of your TREASURES … Look at what you’re not only able to, but also willing, to give to UOTS. I ask that you thoughtfully consider your level of financial giving in advance of Sundays  …  I’m suggesting a thoughtful, love-based giving plan hatched not in the confines of your head, but in the expansiveness of your heart.

I’m asking you to subscribe to planned giving to your spiritual home. I’m also urging you to ask “Does my financial support of UOTS reflect the nourishment I AM receiving at this blessed table?”

Is the spiritual food you receive at UOTS worthy of as much as the drive-through coffee you may purchase occasionally or even daily without a second thought? [What if you planned ahead for your giving to UOTS … how difficult would it be to forego a $3 coffee each day?]

More than coffee? Perhaps you see UOTS in line with a meal at a fast-food restaurant? Or perhaps you see the meal you are receiving here comparable to a sit-down dinner at a so-called chain restaurant? Or, better still, perhaps it’s even a baked-stuffed lobster or rack of lamb entrée at a celebratory restaurant?

Only you have the answer to these questions.

I ask you to take the time to thoughtfully and heartfully reflect on your current perspective on giving to UOTS. Are YOU taking for granted that the table will be waiting when you come for your meal? I ask you to see yourself, not merely as a guest here, but also as one of the hosts or hostesses? Don’t you want to ensure that the table is well stocked for all who come.

If every person did their best to give what they can on a weekly basis (preferably with a scheduled check through your banking system or a PayPal subscription) regardless of attendance, we would be able to move forward and grow this church with much more grace and ease … reaching out with paid marketing.

Please do not take for granted that the table will always be lain and ready for you when you are hungry. Help ensure it is so. Sign up for monthly or weekly planned giving via PayPal or your bank’s bill pay, or complete a UOTSpledgeForm and strive to meet your pledge each and every month. The table is ready, let us all have our fill … and so it is, Amen.

©2012 & 2016 Kristi Borst, all rights reserved.

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