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Thank you for making a financial commitment to support the programs and ministry of Unity of the Seacoast. Non-profit groups like UOTS exist because friends and members do the necessary volunteer work and contribute financially to pay the bills. If everyone does a little of the work, it gets done in good order! If everyone makes a responsible financial contribution, our spiritual community can continue, expand and grow with new programs and new members!

In considering what your contribution will be, we ask that you do not place undue hardship upon yourself. Neither should your pledge be “easy”. Rather, it should reflect a serious commitment to the place you have chosen as your spiritual home. This commitment works both ways. We have an obligation to be good stewards of your contribution and to continue to provide a safe, welcome space where you can experience spiritual freedom and growth. We encourage you to offer input and feedback regarding our services as well.

Here’s a beautiful way to view supporting UOTS ~ CLICK HERE TO READ “At the Table” by Kristi Borst.


The Steering Team would love to have individuals pledge their giving to UOTS on a weekly or monthly basis. This is not a contract, but an intention of support. Having pledge figures as an aggregate would help us to know our regular monthly income and to prepare budgets. This enables us to engage in proactive management of UOTS with more financial confidence and long-term planning. You may download a Pledge Form HERE or speak with our Treasurer.


One member has told us she has a recurrent BILL PAY set up with her bank to automatically send UOTS a check each week. We love this, because it’s income we can plan on to pay our standing bills. Moreover, it costs UOTS nothing to receive money in this manner. Please consider setting up a BILL PAY arrangmeent on a weekly or monthly basis with your banking institution. Our mailing address is McConnell Center, Suite 321, 61 Locust Street, Dover, NH 03820. Please speak with Kristi Borst about getting LOVE OFFERING tokens in recognition of your subscription-based giving so you have something physical to place in our collection when you are at service.


Another option is to provide your love-offerings on a one-time basis (amount to vary as you are able) or on a monthly- or weekly-subscription basis. Below, there are several choices for your giving level through PAYPAL. Use the first drop down menu and button to choose a weekly contribution level. Use the second drop down and button to choose a monthly contribution. The final button allows you to offer your AT WILL periodic giving in the amount you choose. All donations are tax deductible and are transacted on a secure system provided by Paypal. We thank you for committing to a recurring love offering, as this provides a solid financial basis for your church. Please speak with our Treasurer or a member of the Steering Team about getting LOVE OFFERING tokens in recognition of your subscription-based giving so you have something physical to place in our collection when you are at service.

If you would like to make a recurring payment other than the amounts offered here, please write to . We can set up a custom subscription for you. If you ever need to change or cancel your ongoing payment amount, log on to your paypal account and go to the “My Account”, “My Money”, and then “My Preapproved Payments”. You can then cancel your subscription. Your giving level is held in the utmost confidence.

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Thank you!

Our Mission Statement

We are a loving, nurturing community. We welcome all paths to God. With open hearts, we inspire people to awaken to their oneness with All.

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