UNITY Basics Course

We would love to have you join our commUNITY. Please consider Unity Basics!

Unity of the Seacoast UNITY Basics


We are SO HAPPY you are with us! We invite you to consider membership in Unity of the Seacoast. At this time we do not have a Unity Basics course offered.

However, the course is based upon the book “UNITY: A quest for truth” by Eric Butterworth. The book is available online (used copies always available on amazon.com and ebay.com). Reading this book will allow you to learn more about Unity.

After taking this course, you may decide to join Unity of the Seacoast as a member.




Our Mission Statement

We are a loving, nurturing community. We welcome all paths to God. With open hearts, we inspire people to awaken to their oneness with All.

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